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Additional Services


Rock Solid Security offers additional services with the same quality top notch equipment and reasonable prices for your home or business.
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 ROCK SOLID SECURITY is an “Authorized Dealer” of


ROCK SOLID SECURITY is an “Authorized Dealer” of makes it easier to monitor activities at your business, whether it’s one location or multiple locations, even when you’re not there. With customizable alerts you can instantly see whether the business opened on time, know who disarmed the security system, and even get images sent to your phone if a secure area is accessed.

  • Check system status remotely to know if it’s armed or disarmed.
  • See who armed or disarmed the system.
  • Get a No-show Alert if the business isn’t opened on time.
  • Monitor daily or weekly opening/closing activity trends.
  • Receive Image Alerts for specific activity with the Image Sensor.