Potentially dangerous toys listed on “Trouble in Toyland” report.




So, you’ve installed a home security system, you drive your children to school, safely buckled into five-point harnesses long past the state requirements, and you never miss a well-child checkup. You’re the kind of parent concerned with keeping your kids safe from every conceivable threat, but what happens during the holidays? Toys happen.

New toys come out every year, many with new dangers, most with nearly irresistible advertising. What’s a parent to do? Here, ROCK SOLID SECURITY the experts on home security, have found some helpful suggestions on keeping on top of toy safety

First, take a breath. Safety standards are much higher than they were in the past, and companies are held accountable for the quality of the toys they produce. This means that toys are more likely to be inherently sound than they used to be, and when they’re not, there are penalties.

Next, stay on top of recall information. There are various sites you can visit to learn of product recalls, which can happen because of a variety of hazards. You can even sign up for email notifications of the most recent recalls.

Educate yourself on potential dangers. Lead paint is one risk that’s extremely dangerous, and may be present in toys, especially those made before 1973. So, even though it’s a romantic notion to give your kids the toys you enjoyed when you were little, it may not be safe. Fabric can be flammable if it’s not labeled “flame-retardant,” and phthalates in plastics can cause health issues. Balloons pose a choking hazard for small children, as can toys with small parts, and even art supplies can be dangerous if they’re not labeled as non-toxic. Knowing the risks of certain toys can help you make good decisions about the ones you buy for your children.

Buy age-appropriate toys. Your child may be a prodigy, brilliant and gifted, but that doesn’t mean he or she needs toys designed for older kids. Little ones can choke on small parts in older kids’ toys, and elements of some toys, like projectiles, can be dangerous even for elementary aged children. Your child may not be physically ready for some toys, and some may be too heavy for your little one to safely carry.

Choose quality playthings. Cheap toys are not worth the risk they might present to your children. Be cautious of hand-me-downs, too, and check toys for loose threads or buttons, peeling paint, sharp edges, and other dangers.

Battery operated toys should have battery cases with screws securing the lids, and crayons and paints should be evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials , which will be indicated by the code ASTM D-4236 on the package. Being cognizant of dangerous playthings can help keep your child safe during holidays and playtime.

The right home security can help keep your home and family safe around the clock. Especially with home monitoring options, it’s easy to keep an eye on your home and property, no matter where the holidays take you. – For more information about home security systems from ROCK SOLID SECURITY, visit our website at https://www.rock-solid-security.com