It’s a dangerous world out there. When you have gangs out there knocking people out for fun, you need a way to defend yourself.

Pepper spray is a common way to do just that if you go out running alone or if you ever find yourself alone in a sketchy parking lot.

Many will say that pepper spray isn’t very effective. But there’s a reason why police officers use it: it works.

A quality pepper spray will easily incapacitate an attacker by causing his eyes to clamp shut involuntarily and cause other not-so-nice physiological effects.

However, if you don’t know much about pepper sprays, you may feel intimidated with all the choices. Here are a few things to be mindful of when purchasing your first pepper spray can.

WARNING: Please get proper training on how to use pepper spray before using it. Wind can cause pepper spray can backfire on you if not used properly.


First, you want to think about what type of spray you want to get. Here are the 3 main types that you can easily carry and conceal.

Stream: Sprays like a water gun


  • Gives you greatest distance (10 ft) so you can stay away from attacker
  • Liquid based, so it reduces the chances of wind pushing it back to hit you


  • Requires accurate aim to hit the eyes
  • Not useful against multiple attackers

Cone: Sprays like a hair spray bottle but with more force and a greater distance


  • Covers wider area
  • Remains in air after you spray it so the attacker can run into it
  • Does not require great aim


  • Can come back to bite you if wind is blowing in your direction
  • Shorter distance than stream pepper sprays (8 ft)

Foam: Sprays like shaving cream, but with more force and distance


  • Great for indoors since it’s easier to clean up
  • Covers the attacker’s face well
  • Effective against attackers with glasses since the foam is sticky and opaque, sticking to the glasses and obstructing the attacker’s view


  • Shortest distance (4-6 feet)


Strength of a pepper spray is more complex than you’d think, and we won’t go into detail here.

But, to simplify things, look at the pepper spray’s Major Capsaicinoids (MC) percentage rating.

The higher this percentage, the higher the pepper spray’s “hotness” and effectiveness. To put things in perspective, an MC rating of 2-3% is the highest rating you can possibly get.


  • Expiration date- The spray’s potency decreases after a certain number of years and shouldn’t be used after the expiration date.
  • Number of shots-  Pepper sprays have a predetermined number of shots. Keep track or you may find yourself running low at the worst time possible.
  • Safety switch– A safety switch will prevent the spray from accidentally going off, which is helpful if you have kids who like to play with things they shouldn’t.


While ROCK SOLID SECURITY of GA  does not sell pepper sprays, we do want to help you stay safe whether you are at home or on the streets.  From all of us here at ROCK SOLID SECURITY of GA we hope you have a  great 2014!!!!   ROCK SOLID SECURITY of GA,  is dedicated to protecting you, your family, your home or business and your belongings. If you have any securityrelated questions call Rocky Beebe at 7704034960 serving the Atlanta area