What are the Worst (or Best) Places to Hide Valuables in your Home

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According to a study, burglars said that, if they break into your home the top things they’re looking for are:

             Cash (79%)      Jewelry (68%)     Electronics (56%) 

And once they get those valuables, 65% of burglars say they’ll sell those valuables off immediately!

Good luck getting them back.So in this article we’ll show you the places you should never hide your valuables (and where you should hide them instead). 

Worst places to put valuables 

A jewelry box While it does look nice, it’s also a convenient way for a burglar to take every piece of jewelry you own right out the door.

Under a mattress Some people think this is a safe place to hide it because, hey, you’re sleeping on it! No one’s getting past you, right? But burglars usually break in when no one’s home. Meaning that cash in your mattress is an easy target.

A small safe that has not been bolted down Can 2 people together pick up your safe? Then it’s not safe. According to a study, 1/4th of burglars said they never work alone.  And 3/4ths said they sometimes work together with others. And they usually have a getaway vehicle, too.  Meaning they can work together to lift your safe into a vehicle and take off.

Drawers or cabinets Even if these are locked; burglars often bring screwdrivers, hammers and crowbars with them. So they can force their way in, if needed. So now you not only have stolen cash, but a broken cabinet or drawer! 

Best places to put valuables 

Your bank Seriously, don’t keep too much cash at home. Keep as much as you need in your wallet or purse and only take out cash as needed. 

Heavy, bolted down safe Safes are effective when they’re large, heavy and, most importantly, can’t be moved by multiple people. However, like we said, many burglars carry hammers and crowbars. So get something strong enough to resist those tools. 

Your children’s room(s) Your child’s room is full of toys and knickknacks, nothing a burglar is interested in.  According to CBS, “[Burglars] don’t look in your children’s rooms for the loot. Nine times out of 10, your valuables are waiting for them in an obvious hiding spot.”  

What about people you let into your home?

So what about people who you let into your home (like a babysitter or cleaning person)? 

How do you hide your things from those who have so much more time to look in your belongings?

A safe and your bank are still your best bet. Though the children’s room may not be, especially if it’s a babysitter we’re talking about here. 

ROCK SOLID SECURITY wishes you and your family a SAFE & HAPPY Holiday!

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