MUST Register or Pay the Price

HOME & BUSINESS OWNERS with a Security System

Georgia New False Alarm Ordinance


Effective Sept 15. 2013, GEORGIA Home or Business owner’s that have a security alarm system and don’t register it by Feb. 1, 2014, you’ll be fined a $150 fee

You must now register your alarm system each year.

ROCK SOLID SECURITY of GA, customers can go to our website at and follow these easy steps:

Click on “SERVICES” at top of website, then Click on “MONITORING SERVICE”, then Click on “ALARM SYSTEM REGISTRATION, Click on your county.

Registering your alarm system is part of a recent ordinance that’s designed to not only lower false alarms in the City of Atlanta but reduce the time and effort needed to process false alarm fines.  If you are not secured thru our company you can still register your alarm system online with Cry Wolf or by calling 1-855-725-7102

Why is this taking place?   According to Atlanta-Journal Constitution, in 2012, Atlanta police responded to 65,000 alarm activations. Almost 62,000 (95%) of the alarms were false.  That means for every family that was in danger from a burglar breaking into their home, police were too busy chasing after 9 homes where nothing was wrong because of false alarms.   According to a recent press release from the City of Atlanta:

“With every call taking an average of 20-30 minutes, the equivalent of 8-12 full-time police officers were dedicated to responding to false alarms, thereby taking away valuable public safety resources from more pressing matters.”

What happens now if I have false alarm in my home?  According to the new ordinance, you’ll get a warning the first time. If you get a 2nd false alarm you’ll be fined a $50 fee. For every false alarm after the 2nd, the fine will escalate:

  • $100 for the third false alarm
  • $200 for the fourth through sixth false alarm
  • $500 for every false alarm after the sixth

What is considered a “false alarm”?  According to the ordinance, a false alarm is when any alarm system summons an emergency personnel (police or fire department) and there is no fire or burglary taking place due to:

Even if your alarm goes off when nothing bad is happening, it won’t count as a false alarm if:

  • You are able to cancel the request for response
  • You’re testing the alarm after notifying you’ll be doing so ahead of time
  • The alarm goes off due to “violent conditions of nature,” like a storm

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to call ROCK SOLID SECURITY of GA at 678-546-2040 and one of our associates will help you with the process.

YOUR PROTECTION IS OUR PRIORITY   ~ Rocky Beebe ~ 770-403-4960